Unmasking Creativity: The Art of Costume Packaging

Unleashing Imagination: The Concept
In 2009, GS Design embarked on a whimsical yet innovative endeavor with their annual self-promotional piece, "400 Costumes to Die For." The concept was simple yet captivating: two custom-made 20-sided dice, each adorned with modifiers and nouns, offered recipients a staggering array of 400 original costume combinations, sparking imagination and igniting Halloween creativity.
Crafting the Experience: Design and Packaging
Central to the allure of "400 Costumes to Die For" was its meticulously crafted packaging. Housed within an illustrated cylindrical tube, the dice were nestled in a presentation that not only showcased their novelty but also invited exploration. The rotating tube, adorned with striking visuals, allowed users to align different combinations effortlessly, enhancing the interactive experience.

The Art of Simplicity: Economic Design with Impact
Despite its intricate concept, GS Design executed "400 Costumes to Die For" with a keen eye for efficiency. The cylindrical tube, featuring a one-color hot stamp on black paper, exemplified the fusion of elegance and cost-effectiveness. Similarly, the instructions, printed on simple paper labels affixed inside the lid, demonstrated that creativity knows no bounds, even within constraints.
Unveiling Endless Possibilities: Uniting Modifiers and Nouns
At the heart of "400 Costumes to Die For" lay the harmonious marriage of modifiers and nouns, each carefully selected to inspire endless costume ideas. From "Zombie Elvis" to "Kung-fu Jesus" to "M.C. Mollusk," the combinations transcended conventional Halloween tropes, encouraging recipients to embrace their inner creativity and reimagine the possibilities of dress-up.


"400 Costumes to Die For" stands not only as a testament to GS Design's ingenuity but also as a celebration of the boundless power of imagination. By seamlessly blending interactive design with economic efficiency, GS Design crafted an experience that transcended mere self-promotion, igniting a spark of creativity in all who encountered it. As we reflect on this innovative masterpiece, let us be reminded that inspiration can be found in the simplest of forms, waiting to be unleashed with a roll of the dice.